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Holistic Parenting Gold Membership

You can't buy happiness, but you can create it with the right knowledge and right support! Now is your time to receive this support and knowledge.


This membership can exceed literally thousands of dollars. Proper support value can't be expressed in terms of dollars. But I know that knowledge is not just power but also money -so when you have the right information, you can make better choices. This Gold Membership also provides you with personalized unmatched guidance to understand what exact information you need, how to implement changes, and how to sustain the amazing transformational results in your life.

Having informed choices as a mom can save you non-refundable time, money, and potentially health for you and your children. So your contribution of $599/month helps me provide this support to you AND other moms. When you pay for the membership, you are not only paying for your access, you are also paying forward to help other moms raise healthy, conscious children.

As a Gold Member, you will get:

  • Twice a month 1:1 highly personalized, remote 1hr coaching call.

  • Live monthly 1hr group coaching call.

  • Proven, reliable, and neuroscience-based support system for sustainable results.

  • Exclusive content access through member portal-resources and vetted referrals (these have a potential of saving you tens of thousands of $ and hours of precious time).

  • Private, secure community group -NOT a facebook group (no personal information tracking by big guys, no ads, no up-sells, no distractions).


This is not your average and typical membership portal where you're on your own. My support is about YOU. I am your guide to take you through your challenging time. So I want to gift you extra support by being there for you extra times:

  • Exclusive Discounts for vetted services and products.
  • Live monthly 1hr Q&A Calls where most common and uncommon questions get answered. You can submit your questions in advance to ensure they get answered or volunteer for 'hot seat' to get your question asked live and receive direct answer.
  • Any extra 1:1 support you ever need from your master coach when you're having especially challenging day or need help with something specific.

Limited Space:

I can only offer 16 spots per year of this level membership as there is only one master coach in this company. So if you're considering whether or not Gold membership is for you -reach out and I can help you decide. I am not a salesperson who just wants enrollment. If this level of membership is not for you -either on a personal level or financially, I will let you know that. I am a true believe that help is only useful when it comes from right people at the right time -so don't hesitate and just reach out. The worst thing that can happen is you stay where you are.