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Moms and Lives Membership

This membership support is about YOU. I am your guide to take you through your challenging times. Guiding you to create peace, health, and prosperity, with the right knowledge and right support! Now is your time to receive this support and knowledge.

What you'll get with your monthly membership:

  • Exclusive content access -resources and vetted referrals. As moms we get lost in the amount of information that is out there. This is the place that pulls the best resources into one place, saving you A LOT of time and money.

  • Private, secure community group -NOT a facebook group. Knowing that you are not alone in your frustrations and challenges, helps to move through them easier. It also helps to see when someone had gone through a challenge and succeeded!


I want to gift you extra support by being there for you extra times, and giving you extra tools to help you move forward:
  • Exclusive discounts to referred resources.
  • Live monthly 1hr Q&A Calls where most common and uncommon questions get answered. You can submit your questions in advance to ensure they get answered or volunteer for 'hot seat' to get your question asked live and receive direct answer.

VALUE: $1000/mo +

This membership can exceed literally thousands of dollars. Proper support value can't be expressed in terms of dollars. But I know that knowledge is not just power but also money -so when you have the right information, you can make better choices. These new choices can save you non-refundable time, money, and potentially health. So your contribution of $39.99/month helps me provide this support to you AND other moms. When you pay for the membership, you are not only paying for your access, you are also paying forward to help other moms raise healthy, conscious children.