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Corona and Divorce: Perfect Timing to “Stop, Drop, and Roll.”

Remember when firefighters came to school and told us how to stop ourselves from burning up in case we caught on fire? It was the “stop, drop, and roll” trick that I remembered for life. As I reflected on the latest statistics and having so many conversations with moms at their wits ends, I realized that ultimately, same principle that applies to fire applies to relationships.


All relationships go through ‘fire’ stages. There is a match -a trigger, that sets us off on downward spiral of our thoughts. Few minutes later, we’ve remembered ALL the arguments and times we felt unseen, unheard, and unsupported. Then most annoying thought just slams into our brains -that’s it, divorce/break-up is the answer. Then another thought -“no it’s not.” Then again, “divorce.” It’s like a nagging feeling that wouldn’t go away.

I’ve gone through these cycles multiple times when I was making a decision about...

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