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How a Type A, goals-oriented, "science is the law" medical student became a holistic parent and Life Mastery Coach & Consultant.

Thirteen years ago I made a decision that changed a trajectory of my life forever. That decision was based on fear, self-doubt, people pleasing, conventional "wisdom," and even hope.

Fast forward just 2 years, I knew I had to get out of the increasingly damaging, destructive, domestic violence situation.

It was a shocking personal revelation that an "intelligent person like me" could end up in a "situation like that!"

In the initial 5 years of my journey I made many mistakes, lost health, lost trust in people, lost time, lost all financial foundation I'd built for 20 years prior, and even attempted to loose hope and my love of life.

Through the court battles, system's emotional & financial abuse, my daughter's deteriorating physical & mental health, and increasing hopelessness I found two things that helped me and my family to survive and ultimately to thrive.

The two things that guided me through the most challenging half a decade of my life were: 1. solid support system, and 2. my love for my daughter.

I put these in this particular order because without the support system that I built for myself, I could not put my love for my daughter into action.

My support system grew over time to meet my growth and understanding of what is best for my daughter AND me.

Through my support system I found true knowledge, real & sustainable solutions, vibrant health, and above all -freedom. That is what Infinite Life Mastery stands for -our ultimate freedom to BE, DO, and EXPERIENCE life the way WE choose to.

On my journey from 'hell,' OR as I like to call it -Life's PhD Program -I discovered mindful parenting and connected it to my neuroscience knowledge to help me and my daughter begin healing trauma.

I discovered choices hidden in plain site that opened a door to living a truly healthy, happy, and free life.

So while my journey began with opening my consciousness, it transformed into all-encompassing -holistic- approach to parenting and even my coaching.

For the past 4 years I have been guiding moms through challenging times -in relationships and parenting. My clients move from mental breakdowns & divorce contemplation to emotional peace, family stability, and beautiful connections with their children & partners. They transform stress into solutions, and worries into dreams.

The most important lesson I learned from this experience is: no matter what is happening in our lives, our children deserve the best version of us. Sometimes we just need a little help finding that version of us that has been hiding under all the dishes, laundry, work, and worries.

In the past 6 years I made my life MY OWN as I reclaimed my health, my finances, and my personal freedom. Do I have all the answers? No. And anyone who claims they do is lying (even if they charge a premium price ;)

All I know is that for nearly half a decade I've been helping moms reclaim their personal power, regain control of their lives, and create lives they truly love living despite divorce for some, parenting challenges for others, and now pandemic for all.

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