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 Hi there, amazing parent!

Are you stuck?  Wondering how to make healthier, better, more informed choices for your children? 

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"Karina has a gift that inspires growth - she is kind and compassionate and comes from a place of real life experience, fostering positive changes in her own life. I was in emotional chaos and stagnation before I started working with Karina. She provided a lens through which to perceive challenges differently, gaining self acceptance, and a path to self confidence. Finances are often tight, but I quickly realized the skill in which Karina was able to pinpoint and support my needs in creating new pathways to change old habits. I was really taken by Karina's compassionate & keen ability to see beyond my emotional limitations, trusting and emphasizing the hidden strengths I couldn't see for myself. She helped me to move through the stagnation I was experiencing, and taught to celebrate daily, both small and big achievements. "

Coaching Client

"Karina is a consultant whose clients make massive changes in their lives. Through a proven repeatable system she assists her clients in transforming key aspects of their lives so they can create a life they really love. Karina’s heart-centered approach supports her clients to grow and succeed. She can strike a unique balance of active listening and evocative questioning while sharing of transformational principles and personal stories. I highly recommend Karina to anyone seeking to transform their results."

Life Mastery Consultant

"Yesterday I had an opportunity come before me and I immediately knew, this is something I must attend. I told right then, I need this. I am going. Without even contemplating, I committed. It was a “Vision Workshop for Moms: for those who are wondering how to bring their dreams from their heads into reality, and move them toward clarity.” Let me just say. I am so happy to be a part of this. Karina has the passion and heart to get you on the right path towards your dreams. My heart is full. My determination is on fire. I truly needed this wake up call and I am so grateful.” "

Live Workshop Attendee

"Thank you, Karina! Your help in developing my own tools and sense of empowerment is changing my life, and that changes my world.” "

Coaching Client

"Words cannot describe my gratitude for Karina's coaching! Since we began our lessons, my life is 180 degrees different than where I started. I have peace in my daily life, even during the busiest of times (I am a medical professional). My business has quadrupled in clientele, my income has increased five-fold. and my life gained new purpose."

Coaching Client

What Kind Of Person Do You Want To Raise?

When you think of your child as an adult - what images come to mind? Who are they being? What are they doing? The truth is, when I ask my clients this question, most of the time the answer is -I haven't thought of that.
While we can't predict our future 100%, we can still play 100% role in creating it. Do you know what steps you need to take TODAY to achieve that vision of your amazing adult kid?
In this day and age, it is not enough to just know better, it is important to figure out HOW to do better for you and your whole family.
What would it mean to you if you had the knowledge, resources, peace, and confidence to keep moving through current challenges while building your dreams and living life of fulfillment & purpose?

Access My Powerful Resources To Help You:

Re-Connect with your Passion, Find Your Purpose Beyond Parenting, all while Raising Confident, Resilient, and Successful Kids

Becoming Holistic Parent 101

The hardest part in making ANY change in life is knowing where to begin. Yet, our children don't have the time for our 'research' -their childhood that is forming their future is TODAY!

If you want confidence in your decisions, and accelerated & sustainable positive results from an expert, then PRE-REGISTER for the course below! We begin on June 3rd.


Moms with Goals Platinum Program

Are you a mom with big goals? Do you want secrets, support, and accountability in achieving your most ambitious goals WHILE raising Confident, Resilient, Successful Kids?

My one-of-a-kind program gives you tools and secrets of the elite CEOs with parenting tools at hand, to help you actualize your goals AND have a true life-work balance.


Free Initial Consultation

Still not sure where to begin? Feeling lost in the current world and the overwhelm has gotten you paralyzed?

SCHEDULE a Free, Life-Changing 30min Zoom call with no strings attached. Get answers to most-burning questions from the master coach and feel instant peace today.

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You know that saying: When we know better we do better. This means that if you want different results, you must make different choices. Except that for the past 2 years things have been "a bit" different. So many times these days it feels like the "better" we know, the less we can do.
DON'T DESPAIR. You are NOT alone. Many parents feel just like you and you are in the right place!
FREE Parenting Guide for Success during Pandemic

How does a single mom build a successful business, raise an amazing kid, help other parents thrive, and do it all with ease?

I personally don't know anyone who had it all easy and then succeeded overnight. A pattern I've noticed among my clients and many super-successful people is that their biggest successes came from their biggest struggles.

Here's my journey....

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